Sturdy, freestanding, wall mounts of various shapes and sizes for events, trade shows, activations, instore promos, and more
Sturdy, freestanding, wall mounts of various shapes and sizes for events, trade shows, activations, instore promos, and more

Wall Mounts by Portable Display Systems

Transform almost any available wall space into fabric billboards of any length, with height determined only by the available space. Wall Mounts can also be applied to both flat and curved surfaces. Our vibrant-looking fabric prints can be rolled or even folded for low cost transportation. Once the tension devices on the display are extended, it automatically pulls the graphic taught over the display. Any restaurant, retail store or hotel owner can now mount FSD Wall Mounts to client-facing walls, load graphics, and quickly change them out without any tools or special equipment. Many owners are billing key suppliers for this valuable in store advertising space, to help them launch a new product or service.

NOTE: Wall mounts can be extended to any length. Height up to be 5m.


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Wall Mounts by Portable Display Systems

fsd-portable-display-systems-wallmounts-south-africa-5The FSD wall mount is extremely versatile. It can be used internally or externally illuminated for added effect. Ideally suited for retail applications, showrooms, conferences, events or exhibition environments requiring high impact displays.

FSD’s portable display systems is swiftly becoming the popular brand and solution of choice to many South African businesses and industries who seeks to benefit from affordable cost effective display and branding solutions. Our versatile solutions and services are created with the retail and exhibition environment in mind. Portable Display Systems has one of the most diverse portable display solutions in South Africa and is able to deliver country wide, including: Gauteng, Johanneburg, Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, and surrounding areas.

Portable Display Products

  • STRAIGHT WALLS – The FSD portable wall is extremely versatile. It can be used interchangeably as a backdrop for interviews, a presentation wall, a complementary branding surface for in store promotions and more.

  • TOWERS Towers are suitable for applications ranging from tradeshow or exhibition displays, to shopping centre promotions and event signage. Easy to install, the towers can also be used as portable billboards.

  • TOTEMS – Totems are excellent for in-store promotions and for applications such as attention grabbing at tradeshows. You can also use the totems as presentation backdrops or as Point-of-Sale displays.

  • BOOTHS – Portable tradeshow booths with full colour interchangeable print on fabric are lightweight, modular in design and the ideal alternative to renting package stands. Being more affordable with no additional overhead of booth rental.

  • COUNTERS – Our range of tradeshow and exhibition counters offers stylish functionality to complete your display. The counters are, indeed, more than display features and should be considered essential for every type of exhibition.

  • SHELL MOUNTS – With our shell mounts, you can now brand the existing shell scheme structure to maximise your brand exposure. With the shell mount system available, it is possible to integrate LCD screen brackets.

  • WALL MOUNTS – If you are looking for the ideal display solution for large span retail branding or any public advertising area, you will love our wall mounts. Easy to install, requiring no special tools, the mounts can be fitted to solid or dry walls.

  • SHELL SCHEME RENTALS – Shell scheme booths using the FSD system are a sure way to elevate the status of your exhibition or conference. With no system visible, the overall look and presentation of booths improves. Fully customisable print are available.

Portable Display Systems Applications

Portable Display Systems are ideal for various applications. Our display solutions are perfect for product launches, showcases, activations, retail spaces, point of sales, and event for office use.


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